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Through this conference, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment aims to develop a waste management system and promote environmental awareness by shedding light on the most recent waste management methods which seek produce energy, fertilizers and recyclable materials. It also seeks to promote community participation in environment protection and encourage investment in this field. This conference attracts many governmental and private institutions and international and regional bodies to see and learn about the latest technology in waste management, treatment and disposal.

This international event provides an opportunity to keep up with the latest waste management technologies, including domestic and solid waste, construction and demolition waste, water and soil waste, waste from oil, gas and petrochemical projects, as well as hazardous, medical and sanitation waste.

The conference will shed light on the achievements of local institutions, entities, companies and factories in environmental technologies and waste recycling and management as well as their commitment to binding international standards in their processes. It will also address their social responsibility activities and provide an opportunity to share experiences and present the latest methods to fight pollution.

The conference will be held using the virtual meeting technology.

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